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Korporativne informacije

The American company eBay Inc., founded in 1995, is ranked among the online market pioneers who chose to use the format of an auction. The seller puts a price on his goods and fixes a time frame for the customers to place bets. Upon the end of the period, the winner pays for his or her purchase. Whereby, eBay takes on the role of a mediator between sellers and buyers, ensuring a successful purchase and secure transaction. The company is not answerable for prices, product offering within the pale of laws, and the form of delivery. eBay has its vast income from sellers by collecting rebate. Initially, eBay was a marketplace for second-hand goods, such as the Company's Founding Father Pierre Omidyar's broken laser pointer. Today its clients are both individuals and legal entities from all over the world, including Russia, where the trading platform has been in business since 2010. In 2017 Russian branch became a baseline for eBay expansion to the countries of Eastern Europe, CIS, and Africa.

Company's current annual turnover is about $ 9 billion and as of 2017 its active assets grow hits $ 26 billion. The development outlook of the company is obvious - for the last two years eBay has bent every effort to capture new markets, and it is the number of buyers that makes prosperity of the auction Internet platform. For another thing, eBay is hammering away on new methods of payment and interaction with local postal and courier services.

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