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Tencent Holdings

$ 64.06 USD

1.13 $ (1.8%)

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1 mj.
6 mjes.
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Korporativne informacije

Chinese Tencent Holdings Ltd is one of the world's largest investment corporations, founded in 1998. Its subcompanies focus on Internet products, artificial intelligence, work in the region of entertainment both in the country and abroad. The corporation owns the majority of Chinese entertainment services with more than 700 million users, the social network QZone, predominately popular in China and a mobile messenger app WeChat. Tencent's domain of interest covers dozens of lines from automobile manufacturing and online banking to courier services and video game development. Its current front and center are to support high-tech start-ups in Asian countries. In 2016-2017 Tencent acquired a controlling interest in several Asian and Zelanian video game developers. Among Tencent's promising undertakings is an update the gaming platform, which is now known as WeGame. As envisioned by the creators, it is a world-wide open ecosystem for games and Steam's direct competitor. As for smartphone attachments area in Southeast Asia, Tencent is squeezing Apple. The market capitalization of Tencent as of the beginning of 2018 is $ 580 billion, as of the company's financial indicators it is ahead of Facebook and is considered the world's most profitable social media. Its shareholdings are steadily growing in value and the analytics praise them as the most reliable for long-term investments on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In grand total, the company employs over 30,000 people, which means an average annual turnover of 100 billion USD.

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