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Tesla Motors

TSLA.US $ 847.5 USD

31.62 $ (3.88%)

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se pregledava

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1 mj.
6 mjes.
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Korporativne informacije

Unlike the giants of the American car industry, such as century-old Ford and GM, Tesla Motors Inc. is a child of a new century. Founded in 2003 as a specialized company for manufacturing electric cars, in addition to that Tesla is developing solar cell panels and roof slabs with integrated accumulators that are by 30% lighter than standard roof tile. The chairman of the company's management board is the legendary Elon Musk – the founder of several high-tech start-ups that generated a total of $21 billion for him. According to analysts, due to a refusal of petrol engines, scheduled for the next few decades, the stocks of electric vehicle manufacturers are one of the most promising long-term investments. In 2017, it produced more than 100,000 electric cars – 3 times more than General Motors, for example. Despite the fact that the stock price reduced during the accounting year, Tesla Motors' annual turnover increased to $11.7 billion. Investments in Tesla Motors Inc. won't pay off quickly since the company promotes products that have no equals anywhere in the world and face opposition from the giants of traditional power and car industry. The key to the company's success is in investing in scientific research. There are two investment directions - a reduction of the production and electric cars operation costs and development of a chain of low-cost charging stations for battery replacement. Nowadays, Tesla chains cover all the American transport arteries and are being constructed in Western Europe and Japan.

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